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Choosing the right WordPress theme is the most important decision you will make when setting up your website, so it’s very important that you do the necessary research and invest in the right theme. I highly recommend that you buy a premium theme, not saying that there aren’t great free themes, but the premium themes come with quality and support that the free ones do not. These are some of the best themes on the market right now, you will not be disappointed.

X Theme

X theme is perhaps the most feature-rich WordPress theme you could buy, with X theme you can design your site to look exactly like how you want it. X theme comes with 4 different stacks, each stack allows you access to tons of different designs. There are four different stacks, Integrity (perfect for business sites), Renew (great for creative-style blogs), Icon (for a modern and minimal look) and Ethos (magazine style sites). X theme comes with 20 extensions which are created by X theme developers, the extensions are made to seamlessly work with the theme. The theme also comes Cornerstone, the most advanced page builder I have ever used. X theme comes is responsive, retina-ready, mega menus, 600 Google fonts, tons of shortcodes and a lot more. I highly recommend X theme for all types of sites, at only $59, this is currently the best WordPress theme.

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Avada is the #1 selling WordPress theme of all time, it has been the #1 selling theme for 4 years with more than 280,000 downloads. With thousands of designs, options and tools, the possibilities are endless, you can virtually create any kind of site. Avada claims that “sky is the limit” when using their theme and after seeing their demos, I would have to believe that. Just like X theme, there are so many different demos that come with this theme, which can be downloaded with a click of a button. If you are serious about creating a professional site, choosing Avada would be a great start.

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Metro Mobile

Now this theme is a little different from the X theme and Avada, Metro is the perfect theme for creating sites that will look amazing on mobiles. In 2017, your site needs to be mobile friendly or you search engine rankings are going to suffer, we are already seeing it, sites that are not mobile-friendly are dropping rankings everyday. It is super important to start thinking about how your site will look on mobiles, even though most themes these days are responsive, Metro has been ranked as the best mobile WordPress theme for existing sites, so if your site is not mobile friendly right now, simply upload metro and get to work. Metro is only $39 on themeforest.

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Honorable Mentions

Now you already know that there are so many awesome WordPress themes out there, it would be impossible to list all of them here, but here are 20 more WordPress themes that website owners love. Stay tuned for part 2!

1. Core – $49

2. Monstroid – $79

3. Bellaina – $75

4. Dandelion – $45

5. Salient – $45

6. Vertikal – $59

7. Bigbang – $47

8. Moose – $59

9. Mini – $60

10. Krypton – $59

11. Slowave – $17

12. Optimas – $29

13. Pile – $225

14. Cake – $59

15. Callisto – $59

16. Florida – $59

17. Smartmag – $62

18. Salbii – $49

19. Faculty – $55

20. Incubator – $48

Please note that the prices might change, always check the price when buying theme.

All of these themes are ranked as the best WordPress themes, these are the best of the best so you be sure that they will not only look great but work great too.

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